By Andrea Deckert  |  The Daily Record  |  February 3, 2022

Phillips Lytle LLP is gearing up for growth

The Phillips Lytle law firm is pursuing a new talent-driven growth plan and strategy that includes adding local attorneys, enhancing its offerings and expanding its geographic reach.Kevin Mulvehill, the firm’s Rochester office leader, is guiding the plans locally.

“We are looking to make a move and increase the breadth and depth of our practice,” Mulvehill said. “We have a tremendous platform on which to grow the business.”

The firm has set a hiring target of 40 attorneys across markets to actively expand its expertise through the attraction, retention and development of top legal talent.

Those interested in joining the firm will have many opportunities, he noted, adding that finding and retaining top talent is a main priority.

“They will only be limited by their own ambitions,” Mulvehill said.

He added that the law firm has made several investments of late, including upgrades at the Rochester office and increased marketing efforts across the practice.

Acquisitions could also be made soon, and the firm is considering recruiting boutique law firms and specialty practices in existing and new markets.

Phillips Lytle ranked seventh on the most recent Rochester Business Journal list of law firms. It has roughly 30 local attorneys and more than 185 across the firm.

The regional group has offices across New York and in Washington, D.C. and Canada. Its attorneys serve a multinational client base, including Fortune 1000 companies, global and regional financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations, middle-market companies, startups, entrepreneurs and individuals.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges, it also brought some opportunities, including the option of remote work, which increases the law firm’s ability to draw top talent. That could also mean developing services where attorneys are now living, Mulvehill explained.

Mulvehill noted that Phillips Lytle is also doubling down on its longstanding work towards building a diverse, inclusive legal workforce.

Phillips Lytle was recently awarded the Law Firm Diversity Award from The Daily Record and Rochester Business Journal for its long-standing efforts to attract, develop and retain top legal talent.

The firm has also been helping to empower its attorneys with the tools and support they need in addition to expanding talent pipelines.

Phillips Lytle has a technology committee that is constantly looking at ways to enhance its capabilities, Mulvehill said.

“We are continually looking for the most advanced technologies and systems.”