Speaking Engagements | Nov 17, 2020

Elsenbeck, Presenter, WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

Presenter: Dennis W. Elsenbeck

Phillips Lytle Energy Consulting Services Head of Energy and Sustainability Dennis W. Elsenbeck presented at the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable, “Carbon Neutral Fleets,” on Tuesday, November 17.

Companies across the globe are actively moving toward a reduction and elimination of their carbon footprint, and the logistics and transport industry is going to be affected the most. Reducing carbon emissions is becoming an essential part of operations. This webinar will cover the latest innovations in vehicle technology and the different options to get the ball rolling for your WNY business

Topics included:

  • Concrete and actionable advice on different tools to track and reduce your company’s fleet emissions;
  • An overview of different options for alternative fuel vehicles and electrification of fleet vehicles and off-road service vehicles, including pros and cons from a performance and maintenance perspective, as well as potential cost savings;
  • A better understanding of what’s fueling demands for cleaner transportation, e.g., customer/client demands and employee’s health and safety; and
  • An update regarding energy storage opportunities and infrastructure requirements.

Mr. Elsenbeck provides consulting services on a broad range of energy-related opportunities encompassing a forward view of supply, distribution and demand options. He assists clients with due diligence and regulatory compliance on energy transactions; regulatory counseling involving Public Service Commission proceedings; energy procurement and utility negotiations involving government entities and municipalities; procurement consulting regarding the reduction of energy costs and review of economic incentives; market-driven integrated resource planning; and identifying commercial and technical issues associated with energy-related opportunities. Mr. Elsenbeck helps clients move critical energy projects forward by providing creative solutions and overcoming project challenges. He works to develop the voice of the consumer in energy policy and bill impacts as sustainability becomes a focus of energy policy. Mr. Elsenbeck collaborates with clients in shaping the “utility of the future.”


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