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Our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team consists of accomplished trial attorneys, many of whom are listed in The Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers.

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Achieving the Best Results in An Efficient, Pragmatic and Cost-Effective Manner

The defense of personal injury and wrongful death claims is one of the core strengths of our Litigation Practice Group. Our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team consists of accomplished trial attorneys, many of whom are listed in The Best Lawyers in America® and Super Lawyers.®

Attorneys on our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team regularly appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts on a broad range of cases involving workplace injuries, New York State Labor Law §§ 240(1) and 241(6) matters, premises liability claims, product liability claims, and motor vehicle accidents.

We have a wealth of personal injury trial and appellate experience derived over years of successfully handling innumerable personal injury cases. This experience is continually passed on to the next generation of Phillips Lytle personal injury litigation attorneys through partner-associate mentoring and our top-notch, in-house Continuing Legal Education program.

Phillips Lytle’s Personal Injury Defense Litigation attorneys are committed to achieving the best results in an efficient, pragmatic and cost-effective manner. Be it winning summary judgment or other dispositive motions, obtaining voluntary dismissals of claims, securing indemnification or trying cases to winning verdicts, we are laser-focused on efficiently accomplishing our clients’ objectives.

As a result of our achievements, and our reputation for delivering the highest level of legal representation, we are the defense firm of choice for a number of Fortune 500, Fortune Global 500 and national companies, as well as regional and local corporations. Notable clients include DuPont, Occidental Chemical Corporation, Chemours and Ford Motor Credit Company.

Personal Injury Case Investigation and Defense

A personal injury lawsuit can be an extremely sensitive matter for all those involved. From the moment a client contacts us about an injury that has occurred, the attorneys on our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team spring into action to investigate the circumstances of the injury and identify information and evidence that may need to be gathered and preserved to help defend against a potential claim or lawsuit. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, and counsel them on the information and evidence that will need to be gathered to best protect and defend their interests. For example, the successful defense of a personal injury claim may entail or involve evidence consisting of, or derived from:

  • Security videos or photographs
  • Cell phone data and call histories
  • Audio recordings
  • Data from Event Data Recorders (EDRs)
  • DNA evidence
  • Burn or fire patterns
  • Bodycam footage
  • News or media reports
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Physical evidence gathered at the scene
  • Social media data or postings
  • Weather data and reports
  • Financial records
  • Destructive testing
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Crash testing and accident recreation

In many instances, time is of the essence if these items are to be preserved or maintained, and outside expertise may be required to obtain access to these items. Where necessary, our attorneys draw upon an extensive network of experts developed over years of practice to make sure that our clients get the help they need, whether in the form of background investigations, accident reconstruction, engineering, human factors, biomechanics, or a host of other disciplines that can be brought to bear as needed. Our attorneys also know how to read and interpret medical records, find qualified doctors to provide opinion testimony as needed, and evaluate personal injury exposure based on the injuries sustained by the claimant or plaintiff.

If you need an attorney to defend a personal injury action, the sooner you call the sooner we can bring the full resources of our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team to your defense.


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Meet Our Personal Injury Defense Litigation Team

William D. Christ Partner, Governing Committee
Erin E. Connare Partner
James J. Doody Senior Associate
Kevin J. English Of Counsel
Nicholas P. Fedorka Associate
Chad W. Flansburg Partner
Marc H. Goldberg Special Counsel
Kevin M. Hogan Partner
Eric M. Kraus Partner
Ryan A. Lema Partner
Craig A. Leslie Partner, Governing Committee
Amanda L. Lowe Partner
Kenneth A. Manning Partner
Michael B. Powers Of Counsel
Lisa L. Smith Partner
Jacob S. Sonner Partner
Preston L. Zarlock Partner, Governing Committee
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