Speaking Engagements | May 31, 2023

Mercado Clark Speaks on Post-Pandemic Security and Privacy Trends

Anna Mercado Clark participated in a collaborative roundtable discussion at the Global GRC, Data Privacy & Cyber Security ConfEx, an essential event for legal and technology professionals from across the globe. The event featured a range of informative and engaging sessions that provided attendees with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge on the latest industry trends, strategies and best practices in global governance, risk and compliance (GRC), data privacy and cybersecurity.

The roundtable discussion, “Exploring post-pandemic information security and privacy trends in the United States,” discussed:

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on privacy and data protection
  • The changing business landscape post-pandemic and its implications for information security
  • The evolving risk landscape and the need for organizations to become more resilient
  • Strategies for mitigating emerging risks and challenges
  • The role of AI, automation and ML in GRC and ethical considerations
  • Assessing and adapting to evolving risks and challenges faced by organizations in the post-pandemic era
  • Best practices for data protection and cybersecurity in the current environment

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