Speaking Engagements | August 20-23, 2023

Bronston Speaks at Fiber Connect 2023

“Understanding the Local Political Landscape”

David E. Bronston will serve on a panel, titled “Understanding the Local Political Landscape,” at Fiber Connect 2023.

The BEAD program and many other upcoming U.S. programs to bridge the digital divide will be managed differently than historic programs, giving unprecedented administrative power to states that had formally resided with federal agencies. Although each state has now created a Broadband Office to manage and administer its broadband projects and awards, these offices are approaching how they manage and administer in a wide variety of ways. DZS has spent the past two years speaking and working with the offices of all 50 states, and has gained insights into how each is approaching the awarding and distribution of broadband stimulus funds. This session will share insights and lessons learned from conversations with each of these offices, and suggestions on how to optimize your path to gaining awards at both the state and federal level.

Fiber Connect 2023 will offer unique opportunities for business and market development, technology demonstration and peer-group interaction. The event will feature executives from a broad scope of industry sectors — traditional audiences as well as new audiences — commercial network operators, mobile network operators, electric cooperatives, municipalities, digital infrastructure asset owners and developers, investors, technology suppliers, enterprises and more.

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