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Providing legal services to clients across a number of key areas of focus in the banking and financial services sector.

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Comprehensive Banking and Financial Services Representation

The banking and financial services industry is ever-changing, which makes it more important than ever for law firms to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of banking law. To effectively navigate the labyrinth of regulatory and other issues that arise in structuring a transaction, you need a law firm that provides creative, practical advice in a cost-effective manner.

As a premier commercial and banking law firm, with experience dating back to 1840, our attorneys enjoy an excellent reputation built on decades of successful representation across the banking industry, including major commercial, savings and foreign banks, national banks, regional banks, trust and finance companies, financial services providers, private equity firms, and other financial institutions and providers of financial products.

Phillips Lytle has also built a substantial practice to meet the financing needs of our business clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to middle market to closely held small businesses.

Our attorneys also counsel clients on new product development and corporate trust matters. We advise clients on the purchase, sale, servicing and securitization of assets; all types of loan transactions; branch and portfolio sales and acquisitions; capital market transactions; the perfection, priority and enforcement of security interests in collateral; as well as bankruptcy and creditors’ rights issues and lender liability.

Phillips Lytle attorneys have been involved in a number of major financial milestones in this country. Our attorneys were, in conjunction with Marine Midland Bank, at the forefront of establishing a credit card clearing network, now known as Mastercard. In addition, several Phillips Lytle attorneys played a major role in drafting the federal Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

We offer a depth and perspective that very few firms can offer — perspective that we believe is largely responsible for the quality of work and high level of satisfaction that we deliver to our clients every day.

Regulatory Expertise

Phillips Lytle’s Banking and Financial Services attorneys provide strategic advice and regulatory compliance counseling to federal and New York State-chartered commercial banks and their affiliates, as well as other financial institutions on the full range of requirements facing today’s highly regulated financial services institutions. Our expertise includes assisting clients with cross-border transactional, regulatory, supervisory, enforcement and governance matters.

Phillips Lytle’s regulatory expertise draws upon the experience of seasoned attorneys, many of whom were formally in-house with global financial institutions and offer invaluable insights. Our client roster includes regional, national and international financial institutions looking for strategic advice on how best to navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. We assist clients on:

  • Matters involving new product development
  • Marketing review
  • Assessment of legal risk
  • Development of lending documentation
  • Small business lending regulations
  • Regulated transactions, including acquisitions and new activities
  • Regulatory strategies
  • Regulated matters under federal and state bank regulatory framework
  • Investigations involving federal and state banking agencies

We collaborate with attorneys in other practice teams to ensure we are effectively meeting our clients’ business objectives.

Meet Our Banking and Financial Services Team

Alson James McKenna Partner
Jeffrey M. Monaco Partner
Sharon Prise Azurin Partner
Richard M. Beers, Jr. Partner
Glenn J. Bobeck Partner
William J. Brown Of Counsel
Catherine N. (Eisenhut) Cervone Partner
Thomas P. Crowley Associate
Kenneth R. Crystal Partner
Meghan A. Del Pozzo Associate
Douglas W. Dimitroff Partner, Managing Partner, Governing Committee
Deborah A. Doxey Partner
Ophélie Ducailloux Associate
Jillian M. Dunbar Partner
Connor P. Entenmann Associate
Siobhan (Qing) Feng Associate
Victoria L. Grady Partner
Tristan D. Hujer Partner
Anthony Joseph Iacchetta Partner
Vlad Kapustin Special Counsel
Nickolas Karavolas Partner
Timothy P. Kucinski Partner
Paul W. Kucinski Jr. Associate
Amanda L. Lowe Partner
Robert J. MacClaren Senior Associate
Matthew McClellan Associate
David J. McNamara Partner
Angela Zwirecki Miller Partner, Governing Committee
Timothy P. Moriarty Partner
Paul V. O’Brien Special Counsel
John Pappano
John A. Pappano Of Counsel
Gregory L. Peterson Of Counsel
Rosa Alina Pizzi Partner
Erinn Prestidge
Erinn Prestidge Senior Associate
Todd Ritschdorff
Todd A. Ritschdorff Partner
Raymond Ruff
Raymond L. Ruff Partner
Jeffrey Schwartz
Jeffrey B. Schwartz Partner
Milan Tyler
Milan K. Tyler Partner
Alson James McKenna Partner
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Jeffrey M. Monaco Partner
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Catherine N. (Eisenhut) Cervone Partner
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Douglas W. Dimitroff Partner, Managing Partner, Governing Committee
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Siobhan (Qing) Feng Associate
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Anthony Joseph Iacchetta Partner
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Robert J. MacClaren Senior Associate
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Angela Zwirecki Miller Partner, Governing Committee
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Paul V. O’Brien Special Counsel
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Erinn Prestidge Senior Associate
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Meet the Team

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