Speaking Engagements | November 1, 2023

Financial Poise: Data Breach Response – Before and After the Breach

Lock Security Breach Virus Detected Data Breach
Panelist: Anna Mercado Clark

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Webinar Series 2023

You’ve received the dreaded call that your company has just suffered a data breach – what do you do next? Who do you call for help? What notification obligations do you have?

With proper preparation, you can mitigate the damage caused by this unfortunate event and put your business in a position to recover. Your company may have already implemented its information security program and identified the responsible parties, including applicable outside experts, to be contacted in the event of a breach. However, now you must call up your incident response team to investigate the extent of the breach, evaluate the possible damage to your company, and determine whether you must notify your clients, customers or the public of the breach.

Anna Mercado Clark served as a panelist on this webinar hosted by Financial Poise, which provided attendees with information to help prepare them to take action when the worst happens.

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