Speaking Engagements | Jun 22, 2022

Wholey, Co-Moderator, Negotiable Hostilities – Part IV

International Business Law-Speaking Engagements-2022-06-22-Wholey James
Co-Moderator: James Kevin Wholey

James Kevin Wholey was a co-moderator in the fourth installment of “Negotiable Hostilities,” a series of webinars whose theme is whether Russian and other foreign investment in U.S. wireless and technology markets is doable in the current hostile, geopolitical climate.  This program discussed practice pointers for transactional attorneys, investors, commercial parties, arbitrators and litigators seeking to resolve Western-Russian contractual and investment disputes, the respective jurisdictional interpretations of “force majeure,” investment arbitration, choice of law and forum, settlement considerations and deal protections for future transactions.

More information for Negotiable Hostilities – Part IV: REXIT – The “Nuts and Bolts” of Contract and Investment Disputes When Leaving Russia can be found on the West LegalEdcenter website.

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