Speaking Engagements | February 16, 2023

myLawCLE CPRA Webinar Features Clark and Staszkiw

“Overview of the California Privacy Rights Act”

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, 2018) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA, 2020) are landmark pieces of data privacy and consumer protection legislation. The CPRA modified the scope of applicability and definitions, expanded consumer rights, and modified service provider/contractor contract requirements, as well as established the California Privacy Protection Agency. Anna Mercado Clark and Michael Staszkiw provided attendees with great information regarding the latest updates on this law and how it also affects companies outside California.

Key topics discussed:

  • What is the CCPA and CPRA?
    • California Consumer Privacy Act (2018)
    • California Privacy Rights Act (2020)
  • What did the CPRA change?
    • Modified Scope of Applicability & Definitions
    • Expanded Consumer Rights
    • Modified Service Provider/Contractor Contract Requirements
    • Established California Privacy Protection Agency

More information can be found on the myLawCLE website.

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