Speaking Engagements | Feb 15, 2022

Elsenbeck, Speaker, 2022 Turner Winter Series

Energy Consulting Services-Speaking Engagements-2022-10-19-Elsenbeck Dennis

Phillips Lytle LLP Of Counsel Gregory L. Peterson joined Dennis W. Elsenbeck, consultant with Phillips Lytle’s Energy Consulting Services, for the fourth session of the 2022 Turner Winter Series held at the Robert H. Jackson Center on February 15. The topic of the conversation was “New York State Energy Policy: Now and in the Future.”

The Turner Winter Series, co-founded by Mr. Peterson 17 years ago, is a series of presentations that runs on the first and third Tuesday of the month from January through April. The topics and speakers vary throughout the season. The presentations are held both in person at the Robert H. Jackson Center and via livestream on the Robert H. Jackson Center’s YouTube page.

A recording of “New York Energy Now and in the Future with Dennis W. Elsenbeck” is available on YouTube.

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