Speaking Engagements | Jun 24, 2021

John G. Schmidt Jr., Panelist, Workplace Fraud Webinar

John G. Schmidt Jr., Partner, Phillips Lytle, joined Bart F. McGloin of Dopkins & Company, LLP, and Peter M. Vito of Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. to host a webinar discussion June 24 titled “The Anatomy of a Workplace Fraud Case – Detection, Investigation, Remediation.” The panel of professionals discussed tools and strategies to effectively deal with business fraud.

Workplace fraud can be devastating to any business, and with remote workforces and telecommuting now prevalent, this risk of fraud is greater. When partners, executives and trusted employees are involved, the course of action can be even more complex and the effects even more damaging.

The event’s panelists, who have worked together for many years, discussed best practices to deal with business fraud and shared their experiences in assisting companies with navigating the challenges of workplace fraud. Topics included counseling clients, investigating and litigating incidents, interfacing with law enforcement, insurers and government regulators, as well as advising on prevention, detection and remediation of fraud.

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