Speaking Engagements | May 8-10, 2023

Dimitroff and Bronston Speak at WIA Connect (X) 2023

“Maintaining Momentum on Federal Permitting and Siting Reforms”

Section 6409 of the 2012 Spectrum Act forbade state and local governments from denying requests to modify wireless equipment as long as the modification does not substantially change the physical dimensions of the tower or facility. Doug Dimitroff served on this panel, focusing on the successes of Section 6409 and looking at how some local governments are trying to circumvent Section 6409. They also discussed what the industry needs to do to prevent this from happening.

“The Public/Private Partnership Opportunity”

Many small communities across the country struggle to bring advanced broadband to their residents. Public-private partnerships can help local governments and businesses pool their resources and technical expertise to get broadband deployed. Plus, there’s an incentive for these types of partnerships because many of the projects are eligible for at least a portion of the federal funding flowing to broadband. David Bronston participated on this panel in which they looked at how these public-private partnerships come together and what other providers need to know about these types of collaborations.

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