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We Put a Lot of Energy Into Delivering Market-Driven Solutions

While the energy industry offers many opportunities, it also presents its fair share of challenges. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a partner that understands both. Phillips Lytle’s Energy Consulting Services, led by industry veteran Dennis W. Elsenbeck, is dedicated to assisting clients in shaping and navigating the regulatory path to their advantage.

Like everything at Phillips Lytle, our Energy Consulting Services clients are at the center of all we do. We are here to ensure your voice is heard in today’s ever-changing energy landscape and to help you reach both your short- and long-term goals.

The energy industry today is much different than it was even a few years ago. Advances in technology, along with industry innovations, have resulted in a business climate with cleaner and more cost-efficient systems, such as renewable energy, natural gas and energy storage.

We believe that, in order to provide the most effective sustainable solutions, three important dynamics must always be evaluated in tandem:

  • Market demand
  • Technical solutions
  • Alignment with energy policy

Considering how energy will be delivered to the market in the future has been paramount in creating our Energy Consulting Services. From project development and transactional support to regulatory counseling to municipal and procurement consulting, you can be sure we’re equipped to provide advisement and resources no matter your project.

Effective Strategies Led by an Industry Veteran

Because energy is an ever-evolving sector, it is important to have a partner who knows how to navigate the complex policies and regulations surrounding the energy industry. Dennis brings unparalleled energy knowledge to each client relationship, as well as a broad base of valuable and influential contacts in all utility fields.

Dennis is a member of the New York State Climate Action Council which is developing the Scoping Plan that will provide the framework for achieving New York’s nation-leading climate goals per the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act codified in 2019.

Dennis knows what it takes to integrate the various components of an energy strategy, and he maintains a wealth of knowledge from working with:

  • Business advocacy groups
  • Business districts
  • Colleges and universities
  • Developers
  • Energy consumers
  • IDAs
  • Manufacturing councils
  • Medical districts
  • Municipalities

Comprehensive Energy Sector Guidance

Finding relevance in today’s evolving energy landscape is the first step in aligning with your business goals and strategies. Phillips Lytle’s Energy Consulting Services can help you identify and interpret the policies and regulations that can be used to meet your goals. Here are some of the ways we assist our clients:

Project Development and Transactional Support
  • Align client products and services with Utility Work Plans
  • Co-create alternative supply opportunities aligned with evolving energy pricing models
  • Counsel energy innovation entrepreneurs on energy policy and energy sector trends
  • Facilitate potential for demonstration projects consistent with regulatory proceedings
  • Translate regulatory, legislative and tariff intent to align with client applicability
  • Facilitate clean energy integration in brownfield redevelopment initiatives
  • Facilitate a collaborative process that engages key stakeholders for mutual gain outcomes
  • Assist in alignment of client needs with key federal and state energy initiatives including 50 x 30, 80 x 50 and Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
Regulatory Counseling and Advocacy
  • Align energy policy trends with business practices
  • Interpret energy-related regulatory and legislative initiatives for market inclusion/applicability
  • Facilitate and represent market interests in evolving utility business models
  • Assist the utility sector in forming an integrated stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Align supply and demand-side opportunities with shifting regulatory proceedings
  • Represent clients in matters elevated to the Public Service Commission’s consumer advocacy group
  • Represent economic development interests in speculative utility infrastructure planning (e.g., “shovel ready”), notably on regionally significant sites; build consensus and mutual gain among stakeholders
Municipal Consulting
  • Align smart grid concepts with smart cities programs
  • Align smart growth with integrated resource planning
  • Expand street lighting to Smart Energy Systems (e.g., LED, Wi-Fi, police cameras, license plate readers, etc.)
  • Provide utility facilitation and liaison support for street light, substation and distribution asset ownership
  • Facilitate alternative transportation opportunities and planning integration
  • Align sustainability initiatives with evolving regulatory trends
  • Facilitate discussions regarding land use and sustainability planning for clean energy integration
  • Facilitate early-stage energy planning for targeted brownfield remediation sites; align energy infrastructure planning between utilities and developers
Procurement Cconsulting
  • Assist clients in evaluating utility pricing options with respect to understanding current tariff applicability
  • Assist clients in comparative energy pricing for the purpose of evaluating impact of location from one regulatory jurisdiction to another
  • Act as subject matter expert with respect to representing clients on individual or community-wide energy requests for proposals (RFPs) from energy services companies
  • Assist clients with allocations of low-cost hydropower, where available
Litigation Support
  • Provide translation of regulatory, legislative and tariff information to Phillips Lytle’s Litigation Team to effectively support the client’s energy challenges

Meet Our Energy Consulting Services Team

Dennis W. Elsenbeck Head of Energy and Sustainability, Energy Consulting Services
Dennis W. Elsenbeck Head of Energy and Sustainability, Energy Consulting Services
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