Speaking Engagements | Sep 22, 2020

Dennis W. Elsenbeck, Keynote Panelist, WNY Sustainable Roundtable

Keynote Panelist: Dennis W. Elsenbeck

Phillips Lytle Energy Consulting Services Head of Energy and Sustainability Dennis W. Elsenbeck was a keynote panelist at the WNY Sustainable Roundtable Event, “2020 Summit Reimagined – the Value of Building Business Resilience.” The virtual event was held on Tuesday, September 22 and Wednesday, September 23. Mr. Elsenbeck’s panel was titled, “Climate Leadership, Action & Resilience in a Post-COVID World.”

Mr. Elsenbeck’s panel discusses New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) enacted earlier this year, which sets the State on a path to achieve carbon neutrality over the next two decades. The aggressive and necessary legislation was a challenge prior to COVID-19, and now implementation needs to be thought about within the context of our new economic reality. But, climate and the COVID-19 crisis also present business opportunities and new emerging markets that can be leveraged. This panel discussion explores why now is the perfect time to make the needed shift in our carbon use, and how community solutions can be at the forefront of needed action.

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