Speaking Engagements | Oct 21, 2021

Peterson, Moderator, Cold War Seminar at Robert H. Jackson Center

Moderator: Gregory L. Peterson

Gregory L. Peterson, of counsel at Phillips Lytle LLP and co-founder of the Robert H. Jackson Center, led the “Cold War Secrets Revealed” educational seminar held earlier this year at the Jackson Center. The event explored stories from the Cold War period and the players and tensions that emerged as nations grappled with international policy challenges and the constant threat of crisis.

Mr. Peterson served as the program moderator throughout the day-long event that featured David Gill, Counsel General of Germany in New York, as well as several globally known experts, such as Professor Arthur Downey, author Nancy Thorndike Greenspan, and Eli Rosenbaum, Director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy for the U.S. Department of Justice.