By Ben Jacobs  |  The Daily Record  |  April 29, 2021

Presenting the Power 50


When we decided to launch our Power List series, we knew it would be a difficult task to select just 50 power players in the Western New York legal community for our inaugural Power 50 list.

It definitely was. But we are pleased with the makeup of this list of leaders.

The list contains a number of lawyers who are running law firms or regional offices, but it also includes judges, civil legal services leaders, law school deans, bar association directors and more.

Over the rest of the year, we will delve deeper into several practice areas — personal injury, trusts and estates, intellectual property, and litigation — with smaller Power Lists that will allow us to highlight more people who are working to make an impact in Western New York.

Rather than tell you about all of these power players’ accomplishments and accolades, we decided to give them a chance to tell you more about themselves through their answers to a few different questions. For anyone who was unable to complete our questionnaire, we put together a small profile.

The Power 50 is presented in alphabetical order; selecting 50 power players was hard enough without trying to rank them. We are optimistic that the people and organizations listed here will play a large role in helping Western New York recover from the pandemic. We also look forward to seeing who steps up even more over the next year to earn a spot on the 2022 Power 50.

Kevin HoganKevin Hogan

Managing Partner

Phillips Lytle LLP

Years in current role: 5

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I am surrounded by people who are passionate about their work, and I have a great vantage point from which to watch them excel at what they do.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve dealt with over the past year?

The past year posed many different challenges, large and small, some predictable and others unexpected; the biggest challenge of all was having to replicate the camaraderie, rapport, and connection that our teams share and on which they depend to tackle the challenges together and achieve such superior results.

What advice would you give law students who are graduating this year?

Find an organization whose mission excites you, and strive to perform at your very best in everything you do, every day, regardless of the size or significance of the task or the person with whom you are working.

Kevin MulvehillKevin Mulvehill

Partner, Rochester Office Leader

Phillips Lytle LLP

Years in current role: Partner, 6 years; Rochester Office Leader, 9 months

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I am extremely proud of Phillips Lytle LLP (“PL”) and the meaningful work that our firm does. Our attorneys and staff are talented, ambitious, and hard working professionals. We collaborate and work well together as a team. At PL we are committed to providing our clients with prompt, practical, creative and effective advice and representation whenever and wherever they need assistance.

My own practice is business-oriented and broad-based. Throughout my career I have been encouraged to be entrepreneurial, creative and resourceful. My role provides me with the opportunity to analyze and solve interesting, complex and diverse problems. Each matter is unique and each solution is carefully crafted to meet the client’s needs.

What advice would you give law students who are graduating this year?

  • The practice of law is both challenging and rewarding. Success is achieved through hard-work, commitment and perseverance.
  • Develop an expertise and a network.
  • Be humble.

What are you most looking forward to doing as COVID restrictions ease?

Over the last year, the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live. After restrictions ease and risks decrease, I look forward to seeing my extended family and friends more frequently. I am also looking forward to nights out, singing along at live music shows, laughing at comedy clubs, cheering at sporting events, walking about at festivals, and finally going on vacation.