The Daily Record  |  June 25, 2021

The Daily Record’s Power 20 Personal Injury 2021

Presenting the Power 20 Personal Injury

We were happy to see the positive reception to The Daily Record’s inaugural Power 50 list in April, and we are building on that momentum with the Power 20 Personal Injury list, the first of the practice-specific lists we will be unveiling the rest of the year.

This list includes lawyers who have spent much of their career working on personal injury cases, on the plaintiff side, the defense side or both.

The people on this list help attend to the legal needs of clients involved in personal injury cases, and they have helped limit the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. They are working to push the Rochester legal community forward during a time of uncertainty and change, and we are excited to see what they are able to accomplish going forward.

As with the Power 50, the Power 20 Personal Injury list is presented in alphabetical order. And again, rather than tell you about all of these power players’ accomplishments and accolades, we decided to give them a chance to tell you more about themselves through their answers to a few different questions. For anyone who was unable to complete our questionnaire, we put together a small profile.

We know that any endeavor such as this is sure to generate lots of opinions, and not everyone will agree with our choices. I welcome any feedback you have at

Power 20 Personal Injury 2021

Albert Parisi
Parisi & Bellavia LLP

Dara Pavia
Brown, Gruttadaro & Prato, PLLC

Deborah M. Field
Morris & Morris Attorneys

James V. Philippone
Philippone Law Offices

Jon E. Bonavilla
Evans Fox LLP

Kenneth Hiller
Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller PLLC

Laurie Donofrio
Kelly White Donofrio LLP

Louis Cristo
Trevett Cristo

Michael Cobbs
Brown Hutchinson LLP

Paul A. Marasco
The Marasco Law Firm

Peter Rodgers
Lacy Katzen LLP

Peter J. Weishaar
McConville Considine Cooman & Morin, PC

Rich Barnes
The Barnes Firm

Robert L Brenna, Jr.
Brenna Boyce PLLC

Ross Cellino
Cellino Law

Stephen Schwarz
Faraci Lange, LLP

Thomas Ferrazzi Ferris
Connors & Ferris, LLP

Thomas R. Monks
Law Firm of Thomas R. Monks Esq.

William D. Christ
Phillips Lytle LLP

William K. Mattar
P.C. Law Offices