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In the News related to Land Use & Zoning

Nason, Niagara County IDA, Amazon Tax Break Request

“Amazon Project Gets Warm Reception from NCIDA Over Tax Break Request,” The Buffalo News, July 2022

Haubenreich, Salvation Army Proceeds with Allentown Project

“Salvation Army Gets State Clearance for Allentown Project,” The Buffalo News, July 2022

Adam S. Walters, Trumansburg Village Planning Board Meeting

“Trumansburg Planning Board Gets Look at 46 S. St. Fixtures, Cchool Plans,” Ithaca Times, April 2019

Adam Walters Comments on Buffalo’s Green Code

“Buffalo’s new Green Code is likely to have a big impact on development,” The Buffalo News, January 2017

Adam S. Walters Comments on Proposed Water and Sewer Agreements for STAMP

“GCEDC lining up water, sewer pacts for STAMP,” The Daily News, May 2015

Adam S. Walters Comments on Use of Eminent Domain to Acquire New Stadium

“Eminent domain could be used for site of new stadium: Legal process has been upheld in court in several recent prominent sports project,” The Buffalo News, January 2015