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Title Insurance is an important component in the closing of real estate sales, acquisitions and mortgage financings – especially in multi-site transactions. Phillips Lytle maintains agency and examining counsel relationships with national title insurance companies to facilitate the timely closing of these transactions for our clients. Our expertise is unmatched in examining titles; reviewing title searches, insurance reports and surveys; and identifying and solving title problems.

We are licensed as a title insurance agent by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS).

The following are title insurance companies with which we maintain agency/examining counsel relationships, with a link to each company’s web-based rate calculator for figuring title insurance premiums and endorsement charges. Title insurance premium rates and endorsement charges are regulated in the State of New York by the DFS.

These title insurance companies are all members of the Title Insurance Rate Service Association, Inc. (TIRSA), which has filed a rate manual with the New York State DFS on behalf of its members. Consequently, the regulated title insurance premium rates and endorsement charges are the same for all title companies as provided in the TIRSA Rate Manual.

No additional or ancillary charges, such as document recording service fees, are imposed by Phillips Lytle as a title insurance agent. Any recording or filing fees, transfer or mortgage taxes, title search fees or other fees imposed by the recording office or any other person or company, are merely passed on to the borrower/buyer at cost.

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