March 27, 2023

Douglas Jemal Wins Approval for Elmwood-Bidwell Project

By Jonathan D. Epstein, The Buffalo News

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The Buffalo Planning Board voted unanimously to give final approval for developer Douglas Jemal’s Elmwood-Bidwell project. The approval came following meetings with neighbors to explain the project and make adjustments to address concerns. The 48-unit project will proceed once building permits are obtained.

The project is intended to transform a series of eight vacant one- and two-story structures into a single mixed-use complex that would retain the historic storefront facades and two residential houses, as well as the construction of a five-story building to unify them. Lindsey E. Haubenreich noted that Jemal made a concerted effort to meet with neighborhood residents and are committed to doing their best.

The article, “Douglas Jemal wins approval for Elmwood-Bidwell project,” can be viewed on The Buffalo News website.  A subscription may be required.

Lindsey E. Haubenreich
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