Apr 05, 2022

Nason, Amazon Mega Project Gets Better Reception in Niagara

Featuring: Kimberly R. Nason

After being largely driven out of town by hostility in Grand Island, e-commerce giant Amazon brought its $300 million proposal for a massive distribution warehouse to the Town of Niagara, where it is getting a much better reception.

Most of the objections raised by residents reflect concerns over traffic – especially from the 1800 employees working there at any one time and upward of 500 trucks going to and from the facility.

“What drew JB2 and Amazon to this site, was the significant amount of work done on this site to evaluate it for development,” said Kimberly R. Nason of Phillips Lytle LLP, the project attorney. “We’ll be able to respond to any concerns. This project is undergoing a very thorough review. The goal of this is to provide all the stakeholders with information about what this project is.”

The full article, “Amazon Mega-Project Gets Better Reception in Niagara Despite Concerns About Traffic,” can be accessed on The Buffalo News website.