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PL Profile: Fresh Faces – Adelyn Burns

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Featuring: Adelyn G. Burns

Pivoting when your career path changes

The path to becoming an attorney is rarely a straight line. Interests and passions change and career ambitions often follow suit. That was the case for Adelyn Burns, one of Phillips Lytle’s Fresh Faces.

Majoring in Criminology and Sociology at John Carroll University, Adelyn had set her sights on a fairly different career path. In fact, she said she had no intention of becoming a lawyer until her final year of undergrad. It all changed during a summer internship with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. It was there, as a forensic laboratory assistant, that Adelyn’s interest in becoming a lawyer was sparked.

When she returned to school that fall, she began an internship with the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office. By the fall of 2020, she was enrolled at the University at Buffalo School of Law and she crossed the stage in May of 2023. You might even say this Taylor Swift fan is in her attorney era.

She remained in her hometown after law school and is now a member of Phillips Lytle’s Litigation Practice Team. Her background allows her to bring a unique perspective to the matters she works on, making her a valued member of the litigation team.

Staying near home has allowed her to stay close with her parents and her three older siblings, who she pointed out can be known to create a bit of chaos when they all get together.

Between spending time with her family and participating in a co-ed soccer league, Adelyn is doing well to make time for the things she loves outside of work. She credits a Phillips Lytle partner for imparting that advice during her time as a summer associate, and it’s advice she applies in and out of the office.

“Doing things you genuinely enjoy allows you to be at your best in all that you do,” she said. “Especially in your role as a lawyer.”

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