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Trade Finance

International trade is extremely complex. For many banks and financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad, our Banking & Financial Services Practice Team provides much-needed clarity. We handle transactions involving the issuance of letters of credit; the advising, confirmation or transfer of letters of credit; the utilization of shipping guarantees; and the preparation and negotiation of required documents. We also offer advice on bills of lading, bills of exchange, drafts, commercial invoices and insurance documents.

In some situations, the receivables created in a trade finance transaction are purchased by a factor or forfeiter. In other instances, export credit agencies, development banks or other third parties may facilitate the trade finance transaction by providing export loans, guarantees or credit insurance. Sometimes pre-export financing or inventory financing techniques are employed. Alternatively, a company may need advice on conducting global trade on an open account basis. In all cases, our attorneys have experience structuring, negotiating and documenting a full range of trade finance transactions that are utilized worldwide today.

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