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We have assembled a multidisciplinary team, comprised of attorneys who are skilled in litigation, crisis response and management.

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Whether we receive a call at midnight regarding the murder of a client’s employee, or we are called to the scene of a fatal workplace accident that has just occurred, our Rapid Response Team is ready to assist our clients on short notice when a person dies and a wrongful death action may result.

Our attorneys know that there are urgent and complex issues that must be dealt with in the immediate aftermath of such a death, and are available to our clients 24/7/365. By their very nature, wrongful death lawsuits are different from other personal injury cases. They are more complex, and they often result in unwanted or adverse media attention. If a death occurs as a consequence of a workplace accident, there are federal and state inquiries that may be triggered, resulting in investigations by police, fire, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or other state or federal agencies. All of these aspects are vital to consider as you prepare for a wrongful death lawsuit.

To address the issues raised by a wrongful death case, we have assembled a multidisciplinary Rapid Response Team, comprised of attorneys who are skilled in litigation, crisis response and management, and handling government investigations. Each member of our Rapid Response Team brings with them experience handling numerous wrongful death cases and working against the clock to preserve evidence, investigate the facts surrounding the death and to advise our clients should someone file a wrongful death suit.

Wrongful Death Litigation Case Study

Attorneys on our Rapid Response Team were called to the scene of our client’s manufacturing facility within two hours of an explosion which killed one contractor’s employee and injured another. We quickly deployed members of our Rapid Response Team, who collectively had decades of experience handling wrongful death claims, to the scene of the accident. Upon arrival, the Team began handling the resulting OSHA and EPA inquiries, and subsequently counseled our client through what became a lengthy investigation by the Chemical Safety Board.

From the very beginning, our Rapid Response Team worked to address pressing media inquiries as well as other time-sensitive internal matters regarding incident response. We effectively negotiated and resolved the OSHA and environmental issues. We also resolved the claims of the contractor’s employees on favorable terms by mediation. Ultimately, we achieved the client’s goal of successfully settling the potential wrongful death claim before it was even filed.


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Erin E. Connare Partner
Kevin J. English Of Counsel
Chad W. Flansburg Partner
Marc H. Goldberg Special Counsel
Kevin M. Hogan Partner
Ryan A. Lema Partner
Craig A. Leslie Partner, Governing Committee
Amanda L. Lowe Partner
Michael B. Powers Of Counsel
Lisa L. Smith Partner
Preston L. Zarlock Partner, Governing Committee
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