Phillips Lytle’s Appellate Practice Team

Attorneys from Phillips Lytle’s Appellate Practice Team share a fierce commitment to our clients and their causes. We know that an appeal is more than an academic exercise, and we never lose sight of the client’s objectives. Whether fighting to preserve a hard-fought victory at trial, or attempting to reverse a questionable decision by the trial court, we understand the importance of the result for our clients, their cases or their businesses. Because of this commitment, our clients know they can depend on the members of our team to acknowledge the nuances of their cases and identify and distill all of the legal issues. We then frame and advance those issues in the most advantageous and persuasive way.

Our Appellate attorneys have distinguished themselves in their ability to represent clients effectively before state and federal appellate courts. Each is a highly skilled written and oral advocate, and has successfully briefed and argued multiple appeals. What’s more, many members of our team started their careers by clerking for state and federal appellate courts, thereby giving them unparalleled access to those courts and an understanding of how they work. And all are experts not only in appellate advocacy, but in appellate jurisdiction, practice and procedure.

In addition to representing the interests of our own clients on appeal, attorneys from other firms routinely call upon members of our team to consult and assist with pending appeals for their clients. Members of our team have also served as appellate consultants, helping trial counsel from other firms ensure that their appellate issues are fully preserved and properly framed during trial. Whatever our role, at trial or on appeal, we have the experience, knowledge and advocacy skills to maximize our clients’ chances of success before the appellate courts.

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