March 6, 2024

PoliticsNY & amNY Metro 2024 Labor Power Players

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Labor Power Players Kevin Mulvehill Partner Phillips Lytle LLP
Featuring: Kevin J. Mulvehill

Mulvehill Listed as Labor Power Player

Kevin Mulvehill was named to the 2024 PoliticsNY and amNY Metro Labor Power Players list. The labor movement in New York is by no means slowing down. With historic contracts and an increasing number of workers filing to unionize, the fight for worker protections and benefits wages on. This list highlights the leaders leading the charge for change. From union presidents and business managers to private industry executives and public officials, the 2024 Labor Power Players are dedicated to protecting New York’s workforce in every way possible.

The full list of 2024 Labor Power Players can be found on the PoliticsNY website.

Kevin J. Mulvehill
Partner, Governing Committee