Psychedelics and Mental Health Therapeutics

Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to counsel and guide clients through the regulations and other key legal matters in the psychedelics and mental health therapeutics field.

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Skilled in Tackling the Issues Facing Psychedelics and Mental Health Therapeutics Clients

Mental health and substance abuse disorders are receiving increased attention both medically and culturally. This ongoing destigmatization has triggered a renaissance in the evaluation of therapeutic use of psychedelics, including psilocybin, LSD, DMT, MDMA and ketamine in the treatment of such conditions.

Phillips Lytle has a deep and broad knowledge of the regulatory and legal issues related to the approval, marketing and use of medications to treat mental health conditions, having served as national science counsel in thousands of cases involving antidepressant medication for over a decade.

Psychedelic therapy is emerging as potentially life-changing treatment for disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As psychedelic drugs move toward legalization, the psychedelics industry presents opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs and investors, health care professionals and patients. But with state and federal laws regarding controlled substances poised for rapid change, the emerging legal and regulatory landscape in which stakeholders must operate requires sophisticated and experienced legal counsel.

Multidisciplinary Team of Attorneys

We have decades of experience providing guidance to life sciences companies, from startups to multinational pharmaceutical companies, on all issues affecting the lifecycle of a medication and its clinical use. Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys (with doctorate degrees in pharmacy, chemistry and physiology), health care professionals and pharmaceutical scientists has deep industry knowledge. We counsel Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies as well as pharmaceutical developers, private equity investors, entrepreneurs, hospitals, universities and research institutions.

As national science counsel for a global pharmaceutical company, our team worked with leading mental health and medical experts for over two decades to present the scientific, legal and factual information necessary to successfully defend an antidepressant medication in thousands of cases against claims that: (1) preclinical studies, clinical trials and post-marketing safety surveillance were improperly designed and/or interpreted; (2) the medication’s labeling and warnings were improper; and (3) plaintiffs had suffered adverse health effects.

Our work in the mental health and medical treatment space also includes our representation of hospitals, behavioral health facilities and opioid addiction treatment clinics. Additionally, members of our team have continuously served on the board of directors of a mental health advocacy nonprofit in New York State for over two decades.

Our multidisciplinary team has an established track record in counseling companies and investors in entity and venture formation, financing, commercialization, pre- and post-marketing strategies, regulatory approvals, compliance and enforcement, Institutional Review Board protocols, clinical trial and informed consent matters, pharmacovigilance, licensing and product litigation, as well as other areas. We are highly experienced in effectively communicating scientific, medical and legal issues to achieve our clients’ goals in complex and sometimes controversial industries.

Meet Our Psychedelics and Mental Health Therapeutics Team

George Hajduczok Counsel
William P. Keefer Partner, Governing Committee
Eric M. Kraus Partner
Julia M. Markov Science Specialist
Dorothy Shuldman
Dorothy E. Shuldman Associate
Lisa Smith
Lisa L. Smith Partner
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