PL Profiles | Nov 14, 2023

PL Profile: Fresh Faces – Siobhan (Qing) Feng

Featuring: Siobhan (Qing) Feng

Introducing, Siobhan Feng

Have a favorite song? Siobhan (Qing) Feng probably has it memorized. In fact, she can memorize the lyrics to over 100 popular songs. It may sound like a parlor trick, but it actually offers some insight to the talents of the accomplished attorney.

Siobhan was born in Shanghai, China and spent the first several years of her professional career working in her home country. She worked for several different companies in China, including time spent with IKEA and Disney. The same knack for memorizing lyrics helped her break down complex regulatory data at the various companies for which she worked. She specifically credits her time at Shanghai Disney for giving her the inspiration to pursue a career in law.

“I worked along so many brilliant lawyers and mentors who stirred my passion of being a lawyer and made me realize I possess the transferrable skillset and experience to transition to the legal profession.”

Her pursuit of law has brought her to the other side of the world. First, for law school at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and then to New York City where her law career kicked off.

Work isn’t the only cause for Siobhan to travel. As a hiking and nature lover, she has traveled to several National Parks—Yosemite being her favorite. When she isn’t out on the trails, you can most likely find her consuming sci-fi content. Whether it be a movie or series, Siobhan is drawn to dystopic, sci-fi stories, like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Siobhan is now a valued member of Phillips Lytle’s Banking and Financial Services practice team in Rochester, New York. As her hometown of Shanghai boasts a population of over 26 million and having attended law school and started her career in two of the three largest cities in the United States, Rochester has offered Siobhan a welcome change of pace.

“Having lived in large [cities] for my whole life, I enjoy the warm, peaceful and close-knit community environment that Rochester has to offer.”