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Broadcasts and Podcasts: Tristan Hujer, NYS Hemp Industry

Tristan D. Hujer Discusses New York State Hemp Law, Spectrum News

Reel Talk: New York State Hemp Extract Law

Tristan D. Hujer Discusses New York State Hemp Extract Law

Reel Talk: The New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses The New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Phillips Lytle History

Kevin Hogan Discusses the History of Phillips Lytle and the Firm’s Notable Attorneys, WGRZ

Reel Talk: Startup and M&A Trends

Jeffrey B. Schwartz Discusses Startup and M&A Trends

Richard E. Honen, New York BizLab Lunchtime Entrepreneurship Series

Rich Honen, attorney and racehorse owner, discusses lessons he’s learned over the years that will help you whether you’re looking for some horse sense in business, entrepreneurship, investing or just horse racing in general.

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Energy, Climate

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, Spectrum News

Reel Talk: Opportunity Zones

Patrick T. Fitzgerald Discusses Opportunity Zones

Reel Talk: Data Security & Privacy

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses Data Security & Privacy

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Canadian Cross Border

Craig A. Leslie Discusses Product Liability and Business Expansion to the U.S.

Broadcasts and Podcasts: International

James Kevin Wholey Guest on The Hard Question with BQ

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Real Estate Development

Adam Walters Discusses Buffalo’s Renaissance

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Energy

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses New York State Energy Policy

Reel Talk: E-Discovery

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses E-Discovery

Startup Grind Albany Presents Rich Honen

Don’t Just Bring the Sizzle, Bring the Steak

Reel Talk: Energy Consulting

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses Phillips Lytle Energy Consulting

Reel Talk: Intellectual Property

Brendan Lillis Discusses Intellectual Property

Reel Talk: Brownfields

David Flynn Discusses Brownfields

Reel Talk: Mergers & Acquisitions

Dave Murray Discusses Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions

Reel Talk: Venture Capital

Rich Honen Discusses Venture Capital Trends

Reel Talk: Business Litigation – Fraud

John Schmidt Discusses Business Fraud

Reel Talk: Education – Campus Accountability

Amanda Lowe Discusses Transgender Regulations

Reel Talk: Labor & Employment

James Grasso Discusses New Overtime Regulations

Reel Talk: Energy

David Flynn Discusses New York State Energy

Reel Talk: Land Use

Adam Walters Discusses Urban Development