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Articles related to Kyle W. Mack, J.D., Pharm.D.

Mack, Medicinal Psychedelics, Treating Mental Health Conditions

“Medicinal Psychedelics: A Potential Pathway to Treating Mental Health Conditions,” Buffalo Business First, March 2023

BIPOC Underrepresented in Ketamine Clinical Trials

“Black, Indigenous and People of Color Found to Be Underrepresented in Ketamine Clinical Trials,”, August 2022

Mack, Markov, Improving Diversity In Psychedelics Research

“Strategies For Improving Diversity In Psychedelics Research,” Law360, August 2022

Kyle W. Mack, Lisa L. Smith, Cannabis Regulations, MRTA

“Cannabis Forethought: Labeling, Warnings and Risk Mitigation,” Buffalo Business First, February 2022

Mack, Kraus, Regulatory Risk Assessment vs. Tort Law Causation

“Regulatory Risk Assessment vs. Tort Law Causation: A Distinction with a Difference,” Daily Dive, BioPharma Dive Newsletter, July 2021