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Articles related to Kevin M. Hogan

Kevin M. Hogan, Western District Case Notes, History

“Western District Case Notes,” The Daily Record, April 2016-Present, The Bulletin, Bar Association of Erie County, 2005 – Present

Kevin M. Hogan, Civil Cases in New York

“State or Federal Court: The Commencement or Removal of Civil Cases in New York,” Federal Courts. L. Rev. 5, Dec. 1999

Kevin M. Hogan, Effect of Settlements on Non-Settling Defendants

“CERCLA and the Effect of Settlements on Non-Settling Defendants: Time to Settle the Settlement Dispute!,” 2 Ferae Naturae 25, 1991

Kevin M. Hogan, Pesticide Registration Data Requirements

“Inert Ingredients and Pesticide Registration Data Requirements: EPA’s Complacency Compounds FIFRA’s Inadequacies,” 15 Vermont Law Review 265, 1990