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Articles related to Joseph Schafer

Hujer, Schafer, Cannabis Update: Hemp Applications Take Shape

“Cannabis Update: Hemp Applications Take Shape,” Buffalo Business First, February 2021

Hujer, Schafer, Planning for NYS 2021 Hemp Regulations

“New York State Hemp Businesses Must Plan for 2021 Regulations,” Rochester Business Journal, January 2021

Tristan D. Hujer, Joseph W. Schafer, ADR Insight

“ADR Insight: Attorneys’ Fees Must Be Addressed in New York State-Governed Arbitration Provisions,” Phillips Lytle Newsletter Beyond Dispute, July 2020

Peter A. Bellacosa, Joseph Schafer, Punitive Damages

“ADR Insight: Punitive Damages Must Be Explicitly Excluded in New York Choice-of-Law Arbitration Provisions,” Beyond Dispute, Phillips Lytle Commercial Litigation Newsletter, February 2019