EP-79 Rich Honen – Coronavirus and its lasting impact


Today we are excited to be joined by Rich Honen. He is a partner at Phillips Lytle LLP, our show sponsor. In this episode, Rich and I discuss how Phillips Lytle, a medium-size company, has responded to the Coronavirus and how it has changed the way they do business. Rich and I also discuss how this pandemic has very rapidly transformed the way most of us interact. We covered a lot of ground and identified several timely and insightful issues including readiness, innovative and the lasting impacts of this pandemic. We also discussed the critical ways we can all move forward in a proactive and positive manner. Rich is a repeat guest on this show – he also appeared in episode 8 and episode 45.

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Mike and I would like to thank the law firm of Phillips Lytle LLP for sponsoring this podcast episode. We are proud to partner with Phillips Lytle because of the entrepreneurial approach they take to legal matters and their long history of success with startup businesses. Please reach out to Phillips Lytle Partner Rich Honen at 518-618-1225 or rhonen@phillipslytle.com or check out their website at PhillipsLytle.com.

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Bela and Mike