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Representative Experience as Underwriters’ Counsel

Some of the types of transactions in which Phillips Lytle attorneys have served as underwriters’ counsel include:

  • Highway and bridges trust fund revenue bonds issued by a state highway authority.
  • Airport revenue bonds issued by a regional transportation authority in connection with an international airport.
  • The initial issuance of a taxable securitization financing program for a state agency issuer involving the securitization of business development loans.
  • Revenue bond transactions to finance solid waste and resource recovery facilities, affordable housing facilities, utility projects, manufacturing facilities and not-for-profit projects.
  • Tax-exempt project finance transactions to finance water and waste facilities owned by local public authorities.
  • The initial public offering on the credit of a not-for-profit corporation to provide it with facilities to evaluate, treat and house distressed juveniles.
  • Revenue bonds issued to finance a sports coliseum project, which involved the participation of a private operator in a publicly owned facility.
  • The issuance of industrial development bonds secured by project revenues of a privately owned airport hotel, such bonds representing the initial public offering for such credit and issued on an unrated basis.
  • Revenue bonds issued to finance the construction of charter school facilities.

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