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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership: Reel TalkWhat better way to learn about how Phillips Lytle can assist you than to hear directly from the attorneys who are leading the charge in their particular areas of expertise?

04/07/2021 | Reel Talk: Renewable Energy – International

David P. Flynn Discusses Renewable Energy for International Clients

03/18/2020 | Reel Talk: COVID-19 in the Workplace

James R. Grasso Discusses What Coronavirus Means for Employers

03/18/2020 | Reel Talk: Data Security & Privacy – CCPA

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses California Consumer Privacy Act

12/12/2019 | Reel Talk: New York State Hemp Extract Law

Tristan D. Hujer Discusses New York State Hemp Extract Law

11/02/2019 | Reel Talk: The New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses The New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

07/23/2019 | Reel Talk: Startup and M&A Trends

Jeffrey B. Schwartz Discusses Startup and M&A Trends

02/19/2019 | Reel Talk: Data Security & Privacy

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses Data Security & Privacy

04/30/2018 | Reel Talk: E-Discovery

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses E-Discovery

08/22/2017 | Reel Talk: Energy Consulting

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses Phillips Lytle Energy Consulting

12/28/2016 | Reel Talk: Brownfields

David Flynn Discusses Brownfields

10/11/2016 | Reel Talk: Mergers & Acquisitions

Dave Murray Discusses Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions

08/11/2016 | Reel Talk: Venture Capital

Rich Honen Discusses Venture Capital Trends

08/11/2016 | Reel Talk: Business Litigation – Fraud

John Schmidt Discusses Business Fraud

07/14/2016 | Reel Talk: Education – Campus Accountability

Amanda Lowe Discusses Transgender Regulations

06/20/2016 | Reel Talk: Labor & Employment

James Grasso Discusses New Overtime Regulations

03/10/2016 | Reel Talk: Energy

David Flynn Discusses New York State Energy

03/10/2016 | Reel Talk: Land Use

Adam Walters Discusses Urban Development