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Thought Leadership: Practice InsightsOur attorneys are frequently asked to author a diverse range of articles, columns and white papers.

07/01/2020 | Mulvehill, Fortuna-Brennan, NY’s Travel Advisory

“Commentary: Despite Clarification, Questions Remain on Effect of NY’s Travel Advisory on Paid Sick Leave,” The Daily Record, July 2020

06/17/2020 | Sheehan, Glasgow, MDL Courts, Rule 702 Reform

“MDL Decisions Demonstrate the Need for Rule 702 Reform,” Law360, June 2020

06/12/2020 | Rosa Alina Pizzi, Tackling COVID-19 Debt

“Charting a Course Through the COVID-19 Debt Landscape,” Buffalo Business First, June 2020

06/11/2020 | Schmidt, Seaman, Workplace Fraud in COVID-19 Era

“Protecting Against Workplace Fraud in the COVID-19 Era,” Rochester Business Journal, June 2020

06/02/2020 | Bozer, Schmidt, Seaman, Co-Author White Collar Column

“White Collar Corner: Can One Successfully Oppose a Federal Civil Forfeiture Action?,” The Daily Record, June 2020

05/29/2020 | David J. Murray, Timothy P. Kucinski, Opportunities During and After COVID-19

“Opportunities During and After COVID-19: A Legal Perspective,” Buffalo Business First, May 2020

05/27/2020 | Kevin C. Blake, Power Grid Modernization

“NY Order Kicks Power Grid Modernization Into High Gear,” Law360, May 2020

05/22/2020 | Kevin J. Mulvehill, Reopening, What Businesses Need to Know

“Reopening Is Upon Us — What Businesses Need to Know,” Rochester Business Journal, May 2020

05/20/2020 | Kyle Tanzer, Prehistoric Baseball Rule

“The Prehistoric Baseball Rule: Outdated for Today’s Game,” DePaul Journal of Sports Law, Volume 16, Issue 1, Spring 2020

05/14/2020 | Chambers USA Regional Real Estate – New York, 2020

“USA Regional Real Estate – New York,” Chambers Global Practice Guide, May 2020

05/01/2020 | Keefer, Borrello, CARES Act Increases Medicare Provider Payments

“CARES Act Increases Medicare Provider Payments Through Sequester Relief,” Buffalo Business First, May 2020

04/28/2020 | Alan J. Bozer, Colin X. Fitzgerald, Co-Author White Collar Column

“Small Businesses: The New Likely Target of False Claims Act Liability for CARES Act Fraud,” The Daily Record, April 2020

04/17/2020 | Fitzgerald, Moriarty, COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate Industry

“COVID-19 Impacts on the Real Estate Industry: New York State Executive Orders and the CARES Act,” Buffalo Business First, April 2020

04/03/2020 | David J. Murray, Timothy P. Kucinski, Representations, Warranty Insurance

“Representations and Warranty Insurance: What You Need to Know,” Rochester Business Journal, April 2020

03/13/2020 | David L. Cook, Tara Ward, NYS Seed Law Protects Hemp Growers

“Weeding Out Bad Seeds: How New York State’s Seed Law Protects Hemp Growers from Unscrupulous Seed Vendors,” Buffalo Business First, March 2020

03/05/2020 | Alan J. Bozer, Joshua Glasgow, Co-Author White Collar Column

“Department of Justice Uses Travel Act to Prosecute Health Care Fraud Not Otherwise Prohibited Under the Anti-Kickback Statute,” The Daily Record, March 2020

10/25/2019 | James R. Grasso, New York State Employers

“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: A New World for New York State Employers,” Buffalo Business First, October 2019

08/07/2019 | Chambers Alternative Energy & Power – USA, 2019

“Alternative Energy & Power – USA,” Chambers Global Practice Guide, August 2019

07/22/2019 | Anna Mercado Clark, Lessons Learned GDPR

“Better Compliance Through One Year of GDPR Enforcement,” Law360, July 2019

07/12/2019 | William P. Keefer and Michael Borrello, Physician Services

“Pending Legislation Would Ease Hospital Delivery of Physician Services,” Buffalo Business First, July 2019

04/19/2019 | Luke Donigan, Patrick T. Fitzgerald, New Developments, Opportunity Zones

“New Developments on the Horizon for the Opportunity Zone Program,” Buffalo Business First, April 2019

03/29/2019 | David P. Flynn, New York’s Green New Deal

“New York’s Green New Deal: Good and Bad for Business?” Buffalo Business First, March 2019

03/15/2019 | John G. Schmidt, Workplace Fraud, March 2019

“The Right Way to Deal with Workplace Fraud,” Buffalo Business First, March 2019

01/21/2019 | Anna Mercado Clark, Cybersecurity, Buffalo Business First, Jan 2019

“Looking Ahead by Reflecting on the Year Past: How to Prepare for the Emerging Cybersecurity Landscape in 2019,” Buffalo Business First, January 2019

01/07/2019 | William P. Keefer Co-Authors Article for Western New York Physician

“The Cost of ‘Compassionate Care,’” Western New York Physician, January 2019

10/26/2018 | James R. Grasso and Joanna J. Chen Co-Author Article

“Class Action Waivers and Mandatory Arbitration Agreements,” Buffalo Business First, October 2018

10/10/2018 | Elizabeth A. Bove Co-Authors Article for Buffalo Law Journal

“Cyber Risk: Addressing the Elephant in the Room,” Buffalo Business First / Buffalo Law Journal, October 2018

06/08/2018 | Chambers USA Regional Real Estate – New York, 2018

“Regional Real Estate, New York – Law and Practice,” Chambers Global Practice Guides, June 2018

04/20/2018 | Patrick T. Fitzgerald Authors Article for Buffalo Business First

“A New Zone of Opportunity – Worth the Investment,” Buffalo Business First, April 2018