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Client Alerts related to Telecommunications Law

New York City Opens Solicitation for Proposals for Telecommunications and Information Services Franchises

Phillips Lytle Telecommunications Law Client Alert, June 2021

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Gives Wireless Infrastructure Another Win

Phillips Lytle Telecommunications Law Client Alert, February 2021

FCC Releases Over-the-Air Reception Devices 2021 Report and Order

Telecommunications Law Client Alert – January 2021

FCC General Counsel Issues Guidance on the Agency’s Section 230 Authority

Telecommunications Law Client Alert – November 2020

Telecommunications Client Alert – April 2020

  • COVID-19: CARES Act Telecom Initiatives and Telehealth Program

Telecommunications Client Alert – September 2019

  • FCC Update: Small Cell Petition and Pole Attachment Ruling

Telecommunications Client Alert – August 2019

  • FCC Seeks Comment on Competitive Access to Multiple Tenant Environments and Preempts San Francisco’s Competitive Access Ordinance

Telecommunications Client Alert – May 2019

  • FCC Proposes to Prohibit Restrictions on Deployment of Some 5G Fixed Wireless Antennas

Telecommunications Client Alert – April 2019

  • Telecom Tax Ceilings in NYS – Inventory Filing Deadline Is April 30, 2019

Telecommunications Client Alert – March 2019

  • New York State Public Service Commission Adopts Wireless Pole Attachment Reforms

Telecommunications Client Alert – January 2019

  • New York State Court of Appeals Holds That Cellular Data Transmission Equipment Is Taxable as Real Property

Telecommunications Client Update – January 2019

  • The Race to Deploy Next Generation (5G) Telecom Networks: What Are the Governments of Australia and the United States Doing?

Telecommunications Client Alert – December 2018

  • New York Town Challenges Applicability of FCC Order to 4G LTE DAS Configurations

Telecommunications Client Alert – November 2018

  • Recent FCC Actions to Spur Wireless 5G Deployment

Telecommunications Client Alert – September 2018

  • FCC Expected to Further Improve Wireless Facilities Deployment on September 26th

Telecommunications Client Alert – August 2018

  • FCC Acts to Reduce Costs and Speed Deployment of Broadband Infrastructure