What matters to us.

At Phillips Lytle, we are fully dedicated to creating a culture where our employees want to come to work each day, and we do that by always adhering to a few key values.

Commitment to client service

The Phillips Lytle Way is our brand of client service. But what does that mean in practice? It means we’re fully dedicated to our clients and the work we do on their behalf.

With each new client, we learn how they define success, and then we identify how to get there. We learn all there is to know about their business and industry, then formulate strategies that fit within their defined goals. We take great pride in working this way for our clients – large and small alike. And we prove our worth as go-to members of the team at every turn.

Learning and collaboration

We create and foster an environment of learning, where we regularly host training on industry- and practice-specific developments. We emphasize collaboration and collegiality and support one another across practice groups and cities.

Work-life balance

At Phillips Lytle, we encourage each and every member of our team to lead fulfilling lives, balancing their commitments as legal professionals, family members and engaged community leaders. Our firm’s policies support a balanced lifestyle and recognize that our attorneys have numerous and varied interests, commitments and pursuits. We have several committees that support a healthy work-life balance and remain attuned to this objective as we render the highest caliber legal service.