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Reel Talk: Third Party Vendor Risk Management

Christopher L. Hayes Discusses Third Party Vendor Risk Management

Reel Talk: Opportunity Zones

Patrick T. Fitzgerald Discusses Opportunity Zones

Reel Talk: Data Security & Privacy

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses Data Security & Privacy

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Canadian Cross Border

Craig A. Leslie Discusses Product Liability and Business Expansion to the U.S.

Broadcasts and Podcasts: International

James Kevin Wholey Guest on The Hard Question with BQ

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Real Estate Development

Adam Walters Discusses Buffalo’s Renaissance

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Cybersecurity

Christopher Hayes Discusses Cybersecurity

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Energy

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses New York State Energy Policy

Reel Talk: E-Discovery

Anna Mercado Clark Discusses E-Discovery

Startup Grind Albany Presents Rich Honen

Don’t Just Bring the Sizzle, Bring the Steak

Reel Talk: Energy Consulting

Dennis Elsenbeck Discusses Phillips Lytle Energy Consulting

Reel Talk: Intellectual Property

Brendan Lillis Discusses Intellectual Property

Reel Talk: Brownfields

David Flynn Discusses Brownfields

Reel Talk: Mergers & Acquisitions

Dave Murray Discusses Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions

Reel Talk: Venture Capital

Rich Honen Discusses Venture Capital Trends

Reel Talk: Business Litigation – Fraud

John Schmidt Discusses Business Fraud

Reel Talk: Education – Campus Accountability

Amanda Lowe Discusses Transgender Regulations

Reel Talk: Labor & Employment

James Grasso Discusses New Overtime Regulations

Reel Talk: Energy

David Flynn Discusses New York State Energy

Reel Talk: Land Use

Adam Walters Discusses Urban Development